Management and supervision

New modules, for a global view

Betavib is now putting at your disposal a special set of tools destined mainly for supervisors to cover all aspects of their industrial environment including the economic factors.

Vibration Management

Our new product puts at your fingertips multiple tools employing vibration management, process and more performance monitoring to indicate the condition and health of machinery, critical to maintenance programs

Action's impact

Measure the impact of predictive maintenance strategies and visualize the result of your actions and choices in business.

Global Overview

To take informed decisions you will need a global overview and enterprise wide access to the Data, which is offered by our product.

Precise Analysis

VibWorks Supervisor gives you the opportunity to see detailed analysis over departments, machine types, criticality and dates.

Supervision Module

This Module will help you get a global view of your equipments behaviour and health. It's a unique solution designed to fit your needs and an essential tool to take informed decisions.

Compilation of information

The supervision module will help you share information with your colleagues in a clean presentation. You can filter Data by several parameters.

See your actions impact

Quantify your actions impacts and reduce maintenance costs with a user-friendly interface

Predictive maintenance

VibWorks Supervisor is your source for preventive and predictive maintenance, enabling the implementation of strategies based on up-to-date information

Criticality Classification

At Betavib we believe that higher productivity and increased efficiency can best be achieved when a company is able to monitor machine conditions and prevent its problems, for this purpose we choose to integrate 100% customizable Risk Assesment Matrices in the Database.

Initiate Classification

Establish criticality classification for your assets

Data Filter

Filter your analysis view, failures and costs; according to your equipments criticality

Automatic planning

Automatically plan your route's schedule according to machine criticality

Profits Quantification

At Betavib, we are aware that machinery reliability continues to be a major concern to industry from both an economic and productivity standpoint, so to best serve our clients and insure a proper management of their assets as supervisors, we included in the new module an important tool: failure analysis.