BETAVIB stands by its customers and partners, we provide reliable and efficient technical support. We do not only sell you the right tools; we also offer high end expertise to help you understand dynamic behaviour of your equipment. Our professional team has conducted, collaborated and solved a large variety of industrial cases, feel free to contact us with your application and ask for case studies or for our references.

On-site Vibration measurement

Diagnosis of machines dynamic behavior.

Reports and recommendations.

Finite elements structures modeling.

Measurement of natural frequencies

Recalibration of Digital and experimental results


Betavib is committed towards its clients to ensuring a unique vibration experience that will bring you the same satisfaction as having a flawless predictive maintenance program. From your first contact with our highly qualified team, through the purchase and delivery of your Betavib Solution, to the after-sale service, your satisfaction is our primary concern. So in order to help you target the gaps that may prevent you from using your reliability system at full capacity and push the limits of innovation farther away, we offer multiple and diversified trainings to meet the needs of your staff.