CORTEX Monitoring System

Original and innovative algorithms are available to monitor the machines running on variable regimes, in order to remove the transient effect and allow reliable monitoring regardless of variable parameters (speed, load …).

Optimized ressources

On-line condition monitoring can help you ensure an optimized distribution of the limited reliability staff to perform the highest value tasks required for maintenance and to properly manage priorities.

Higher accuracy

Manual measurements and recorded data increase the possibility of data errors and missed events, with CORTEX MONITORING SYSTEM you can ensure high data accuracy thanks to a continuous data collection.

Thorough diagnostic

CORTEX provides you with unique tools to improve diagnostics, guarantee consistent analysis based on stored historical baseline data and minimize the need of equipment specialists.

Scalable to your needs

Channels Count
Multiple Sensors

OnBoard Signal Processing

Filtering/IEPE/Spectrums/OverAll Levels/Power in Bands.

Rugged Industrial form factor

50g shock/ class1, div 2 ATEX certification/ wide temperature range


Fully Cabled, fully wireless,
cabled/ wireless

Remote Access

Email notification on alarm crossing Accessible Data through Web services from any connected device

OnBoard Decision

Machine Shut down on Alarm crossing with sound or light warning on exception events

OnBoard computer

Autonomous analysis and data logging to prevent network failures with Maximum autonomy


Over 50 input-Output for all parameters. OnLine And Offline Measurements share the same Database Structure

Make a difference with

Revolutionary tools

CORTEX MONITORING SYSTEM is a cost-effective and scalable solution, dedicated to the prediction of asset failure and the prevention from catastrophic and costly repairs. as an innovative system, our solution will help you optimize your performance by monitoring the condition of your valuable assets thanks to accurate diagnostic tools. .

Embedded new technology

CMS is the first Online system that allows you to turn your permanent sensor into a Real Time Analyzer in order to remotely investigate any abnormal vibration behaviour. It comes in a rugged industrial form factor, with extended operating temperature range, Class 1 division 2 ATEX certification.

Data processing and storage

The SQL Server database allows a maximum security on your network. the database is filled with raw data from your sensors, triggered by the user/with customizable time event/Alarm level crossing. Raw Data are processed and stored in the database for trending and diagnosis.

CORTEX, THE tool you need

Our product runs on a core solution that enables custom health monitoring on any type of machine and follow any measurable parameter (vibration, temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA sensors, proximity probes …). The product is scalable to fit your needs toward channels count and sensors type.

Advanced signal processing tools

The System comes with embedded signal processing tools running on-board, ensuring maximum autonomy toward network failures. In case of network failure, the controller will store data locally for weeks. Data streaming is performed as soon as a connection is re-established.

CORTEX Monitoring System