Efficiency and ease of use

VibWorks BALANCER excels with its ergonomic user-friendly interface and its Use of 4 Channels 4 input cards, to perform balancing on 1 plane and 2 planes with less runs.

Real time display of the trigger and the accelerometers signals, as well as the rotational speed, are supported for more precise monitoring of the balancing parameters. RealTime phase stability indication will insure proper balancing conditions as well as several integrated modules to help in multi-planes Balancing.

With a simple interface, the Balancing Software offers an incredible ease of use on site.

A Standalone Module

For precise balancing

Part of BETAVIB Suite, VibWorks BALANCER is a module dedicated to balancing, and runs on the same hardware platform as VibWorks Analyzer and VibWorks Collector.

Multi-planes Balancing

The solution contains several modules to Perform Balancing on 1 and 2 planes

Single Shot Balancing

By recalling saved rotor sensitivity parameters

Phase stability

Real time indicated, garanteed by Cross-Correlation

Proximity Probes

A new feature to ensure properly optimized balancing tasks and conditions

Balancing Reports and data

data is saved and embedded in the Collector with reports generation

Normalized Balancing

Calculation of permissible residual unbalance with embedded ISO 1940 Standard

Further details

Ease of Use, Guaranteed

Automatic generation

Balancing reports are generated automatically and available in several universal formats (PDF, Doc, HTML...)

Polar graphs

Real time phase stability is indicated on polar graphs during measurements, to insure proper balancing conditions

Single Shot

VibWorks BALANCER is able to save shafts sensitivity coefficient, to allow you to perform balancing in one single shot.