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VibWorks COLLECTOR features revolutionary embedded technologies, allowing faster route acquisition, faster diagnosis and analysis, and more effective monitoring tools .

More jobs, less tools.

Within the same Rugged hardware platform, VibWorks Collector is fully compatible with VibWorks Balancer and VibWorks Multi-Channel Analyzer to reach higher levels of performances in your industry.

the tool you need

The product allows you to operate with more efficiency by performing complete analysis and multiple important tasks easily, on the field, without the need to download Data to an external PC.



VibWorks acquisition time

Thanks to its innovative architecture, you are sure to have at your disposal the fastest COLLECTOR on the market.This will not only improve your efficiency, but it will allow you ,as well, to insure that your measurement was taken under the same operating conditions.


All parameters are measured in the same time and true simultaneous triax capabilities are embedded. Vibration measurements are performed in triax in a true simultaneous sampling.


Basic and advanced tools are available for Real Time processing or post-processing. Signal processing is customizable for each point with multiple filters and indicators.


Maximum autonomy is guaranteed and all the historical Data is available On-Site. You can have your backups using AutoSync on the Network. create, configure, analyse and generate reports on the collector.

Unmached Efficiency


RealTime Audio from vibration Sensors with integrated Camera.
Manual process trending parameters and machine recognition with bar code reader.

Time Traveller

Change analysis parameters on past measurements, Re-Process your assets and reconstruct your history.
Change parametrization with no consequences on your historical data.

Automated Reports

All the Reports are generated, on the collector, in a single click (Word or PDF). Kinematics, analysis, anomalies and other valuable reports are available.


. Single and Triax Route based Long-time recording technology
. Vibration analysis
. Bump Test
. Order analysis and extraction
. Run up Coast down test
. 1 plane and 2 planes Balancing
. Sync between collectors and/or Server


. 4 Channels Input, IEPE, Voltage
. Simultaneous Sample Rate 51.2 KHz/ 102.4KHz
. IEPE , Anti-aliasing filter
. 24 bits Resolution
. SSD Drive min 256Go
. 10.1 XGA sunlight-viewable LED 1920 x 1200 touchscreen
. MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified.
. Battery Autonomy Standard: 8 hours, Long Life 15 Hours, Swappable
. Embedded Digital Camera/ Barcode Reader/Bluetooth for Real-time Audio


. Single axis and true Triax Routes
. ClickOnce Machines declaration by templates
. Self-Adaptative Alarm settings by Machine/ Department/Plant
. UltraHDMonitoring
. BlueTooth RealTime Audio from Accelerometers
. Spectrum, Spectrum Env., Octaves, Narrow Bands, Octaves, Filters, Cepstrums, Hilbert...
. Interactive ColorCoded DashBoard
. Ref, PreAlarm, Alarm & Danger Levels
. Reports : Analysis, Kinematic, Anomalies by Machine/Plant
. Integrated ISO standards
. Variable Speed Machinery Analysis
. Anomalies report generation
. Smart Harmonic and lateral Cursors
. Bearings Faults cursors
. Gear mesh cursors
. Integrated Bearings Database
. Narrow Band Alarms
. Overall levels Trending

VibWorks UHDM

Let the technology work for you! Our robust algorithm will detect the smallest change in your equipment's behaviour, and bring you the widest range of tools on high definition displays to analyze it thanks to the unique Ultra HD Monitoring feature.

UHDM Efficiency

Unique Technology
Thanks to UHDM Technology, Data analysis and management are more efficient
Getting the right tool
Increase revenue by increasing machine uptime when you have all the right tools at your disposal
Multiple Resolutions
Flexible to fit your needs, the UHDM Module exists in multiple sizes 28", 40", 49"and 55"

VibWorks DAQ Light

DAQ Light is Betavib's High end collector module, designed to do more jobs in less time with less effort thanks to its advanced integrated features.

Easier visualisation

Of machinery state is achieved with real-time over-all indicators color-coded tanks.

Advanced analysis ability

to perform real-time analysis on raw data coming from the acquisition card .

Higher accuracy

with real-time: true long-time wave form, velocity spectrum, acceleration spectrum

Advanced features

The solution is loaded with unique and innovative tools, like real-time audio from vibration sensors, greatly useful in lubrication tasks, Digital camera to take pictures of equipments and built in annotations.

Solid hardware

Powered by an i5 Intel processor, the largest SSD drive available (256 GO minimum), DAQ Light is a valuable tool to help increase your efficiency and your interactions with machinery dynamic behaviour in less time.

Advantages of Display

Multitasking solution

Unlike the limited functions of display units offered by our competitors (Unavailability of basic tools like e-mailing) DAQ Light is a flexible touchscreen allowing you to achieve your measurements with all the needed tools

Comfortable solution

We chose a full HD touchscreen (1920*1200 px), on direct sunlight for DAQ Light because we know that being exposed to site conditions could cause the task of vibration measurement to be uncomfortable.

Economic solution

Vibration measurements will not only be comfortable and efficient but it will be more economic because having VibWorks DAQ Light will cost you less than what's offered by the competition even in case of breakage.


VibWorks Server

VibWorks server responds to the need to have access to other operators' data. to share valuable information with the maintenance staff, reliability engineers and supervisors and to create reports of the whole site/factory/ machinery used by reliability supervisors. VibWorks server transforms your Collector software to an OCA (Ocasionally Connected Application), and you will be able to collect, analyse data, generate reports and perform your daily tasks OFF-LINE

When a connection to the server becomes available, collected vibration data are uploaded to the server in order to become shared with supervisors and other operators. Operations can be done on the server's data depending on the user authorization level : delete measurements, modify fault and kinematic frequencies, modify alarm levels.

Failures Logbook

Documenting asset failures is one of the most important tasks in order to build and maintain historical data about procedures, costs and resources absorbed by your assets.

User-friendly interface

Our dedicated tools allow you to perform a task usually neglected, within a comfortable and simple interface.

Add files and Data

add pictures of the defective pieces, vibration data, detailed costs of failures, notes and annotations...

Reports Generation

Generate detailed reports, showing the impact of your actions and the benefits of the vibration program