Provide Reliability Supervisors, Engineers, Technicians with products and tools that fulfill their wants and needs. Our professional, motivated and always available staff is one click away from you. BETAVIB will help you increase your efficiency through superior customer service, quality and commitment.


At BETAVIB we do one thing and we do it well, as a proactive company, developing a new generation of efficient vibration solutions, we deliver five-star technical support, with a highly qualified team. We remain close to our customers as well as their concerns and we listen to their recommendations


You should not make efforts to adopt the product, the product will make the efforts to be adapted to your needs. BETAVIB vision, put forward in all our products: let us do the job, you only focus on what really matters: YOUR EXPERTISE. All useful information is brought to you to make informed decision..

About us

BETAVIB develops new generation of vibration systems, making monitoring, balancing and Expertise of machines vibration more reliable and more efficient. BETAVIB products are designed in order to help reliability staff reach a higher efficiency level in all aspects of their daily tasks thanks to the combination of original/revolutionary architecture and platform with tools whose effectiveness has been proven over decades. Managing a wide range of assets (type and number) is achieved with a unique and intuitive user interface and a reliable hardware.

Assessing the health of your equipments and machinery is easier and faster when you have the right tool at your disposal. We remain close to our customers, and procure reliable and efficient technical support. We provide vibration expertise, Database construction and maintenance, Analysis, report and software customization.

December 2016
Headquarters Relocation
To ensure a higher productivity and to keep the quality of service that you are used to, BETAVIB moves to new offices before the end of the year.
Cortex Monitoring System Release
As a part of its partnership with LUDECA, BETAVIB participates at the 31st edition of the International Maintenance Conference (IMC) and officially releases its new solution dedicated to Permanent Online Monitoring: Cortex Monitoring System (CMS).
October 2016
CMVA Participation
BETAVIB Participates at the annual CMVA Annual Conference held at the University of Toronto Chestnut Conference Center.
August 2016
From THOR to VibWorks
To keep up with the major changes of BETAVIB vibration solutions THOR Products were replaced by the VibWorks Suite.
March 2016
Update of THOR UHDM
New version of the U.H.D.M is released, improving data management and display.
January 2016
THOR SUPERVISOR Official release
BETAVIB participates to the maintenance and reliability conference and officially launches the supervision module designed for management, global analysis and benefits quantification.
Q4 2015
THOR Server
THOR Adopts an OCA (Occasionnaly connected Application) architecture : Data bases becomes floating, and THOR server application is released
Sept 2015
Major Improvments
Major updates are released adding several features on all products, technical support is improved to allow users initiate a support session instantaneously directly from THOR.
July 2014
Pushing the limits
BETAVIB releases the UHDM, the first vibration analysis monitoring equipment running on 4K monitors, as well as THOR SmartDaq, unique realtime collector analyzer custom designed to run on a stunning 1920*1200 touchscreen.
Dev. Plateform
All the Devlopment platform is renewed in order to make our products up to date with the latest technology available ( All Operating systems available/ Latest SQL database version), THOR 3.0 is officially released September 2013.
June 2013
New Offices
In order to serve you better, and welcome new members in the development and support team: BETAVIB moves to new offices
October 2012
THOR ANALYZER Official release
BETAVIB participate to 22nd International Congress of the CMVA, and officially realses its Expertise Suite of Products: Impact Testing, Order Analysis, Phase Analysis, Data Logging.
May 2012
1st Price
BETAVIB receives the 1st Entrepreuneurship Price from Quebecor, with a 50 000$ Grant
March 2011
Prices and Grants
BETAVIB wins the 1st Regional Price for innovation in Montreal, is awarded with grants from the Fondation du Maire, Montreal de demain and Developpement Economique LaSalle
January 2011
THOR 2.0
THOR runs on toughbook plateform, satisfying isolation (IP65) and military standard (MIL-810)
October 2010
Official release of THOR 1.0 during the international congress of the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association (CMVA 2010)
Mars 2009
THOR 1.0
First THOR 1.0 sold, running on 7 in Tablet with windows XP OS.